Selling homes is tough work.  For starters, you are always on call.  There is no set schedule that you can depend on and adjust yourself towards.  Rather, you are beholden to the whim of market forces, and the whims of prospective buyers coming and entering.  Worrying about the house’s condition is another stressor.  Lastly, Sellers will generally vacate the house at a prearranged time-  only to have to juggle the Buyer being early or late or even cancel after all preparation.

Despite this, we cannot avoid showing the home.  Both the Sellers who are selling and the Buyers who are Buying are engaging in an enormous decision that involves hundreds of thousands of dollars.  From a Buyer’s perspective –  for most, the need to walk the property and the house is paramount.  Additionally, numerous options exist –  most Buyers are inundated with information.  Buyers need to walk through the various homes not only to see if it is a right fit, but most times it is necessary for them to walk through homes to help them narrow down their options.  They may not fully realize that they need four bedrooms instead of three when they come to visit a three bedroom home until they actually walk it.  The importance of that additional bath may not be so important after they walk through a home that offers other features.

As such, it is important for Real Estate Agents and Buyers to remember that showings, which are part of the Buyer’s decision making process, do often times come at the expense of the Seller.  Everyone should do their best to ameliorate these factors.  In Ave Maria Town, it is frequently the case that Buyers incorrectly estimate their time of arrival.  Buyers Agents should be courteous with informing the Seller and Sellers agent of the same.  For my Sellers, I always make it a point to contact a Buyer’s Agent shortly before and after the showing, so I can let my Seller know that they are free to return home.  Last minute showing requests and cancellations should also be avoided if possible.  And, of course, utmost due care and respect of the Sellers home while inside of it.  High professionalism from Agents, and courtesy from Buyers, can substantially mitigate inconvenience to Sellers in the showing process and in turn result in more successful transactions and house sales for all.