stagingGenerally, the two most important factors you must consider when selling your home are timing and price.  These are often also the two most important goals of the homeowner-  deciding how much they want for their home and how quickly they want to sell it.  Pricing your home at the high end of the range can result in more days on market, and vice versa.

We market your home in accordance with your objectives.  Call us today for a consultation.

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Staging and renovations

Often, the most important and vital piece of the marketing campaign centers around the photos of your home.  When possible, and if your home is not vacant, we can and do suggest some modest staging of your home, at least for the professional photos.  Hardly ever would we suggest complete rehabs, but sometimes we might suggest certain renovations or touch ups.  We are positioned to enable you to make a cost benefit analysis and informed decision as to when addressing particular items can position you to obtain upside and return on any additional investments of your time and money.

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Professional Photos and home showings

We provide professional photography, courtesy of our listings.  Generally, the photoshoot takes about 1 to 1.5 hours.  Often, and as discussed above, it is the work leading up to the photo shoot that can be most time consuming.  Once the photo’s are complete, however, Seller’s can often have much more breathing room.  We do look for our pictures to shine, but actual showings of the home can often be performed broom swept clean, depending on the amount of traffic and personal duties and obligations of our customers.

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An important part of our marketing campaign consists of advertising locally.  We send out professionally created brochures every 60 days to all homes in Ave Maria Town.  These Brochure’s consist of a local market report on recently closed sales in the area.  They also include advertisements of our listings.  This direct mail contact ensures the visibility of our listings to the local community, making certain that everyone in town knows that your is available on the market

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The internet is imperative in today’s marketing, particularly in Ave Maria Town.  Because there are so many people moving to this community, they research Ave Maria Town on the internet.  Consequently, it is vital that your listing has necessary exposure on the web.  

We place your listing on all high traffic real estate websites, such as, zillow, trulia, and broker reciprocity to make sure that your house is seen to anyone and everyone that might your potential buyer.  To stress again, this is why your photos are so important.  Almost everyone will see the pictures of your home prior to asking for a showing.  We need those pictures to pop.  Favorable photos will result in favorable viewings, which will in turn lead to showings.


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social media

We engage each of our listings in a substantial social media campaign.  First, we create a website that is specific to your listing.  We then take that website and advertise it on paid promotions in facebook.  This results in thousands of impressions, and leads to that much more exposure of your home.

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We also advertise your listing to all other Real Estate Professionals, and offer them a generous co-broke in attempts to encourage them to have their customers place an offer on your home.  [/column]