Why Sell With Us?

Our Real Estate Brokerage is exclusively focused on selling homes in Ave Maria.  Our agents are local.  We live and work here in town.  We know what works, we know the market, and we know how to promote your home to Buyers.

Generally, a real estate market consists of data analysis of active, pending, and closed sales, that are webbed together by a fundamental understanding of a particular community and its intricacies accompanying it.  Ave Maria is no exception, and outside agents cannot compete with our local knowledge and understanding.  Ave Realty is able to comprehend and fit together the over-all community, data analysis, and the unique attributes of your specific home and neighborhood to properly market it towards real buyers.

Generally, when someone is looking to buy a home in Ave Maria, they already see and are favorable towards the general appeal of the town.  What they do not always know is what sets one home apart from another.  Ave Maria has a wide variety of neighborhoods, all of which have their own unique aspects and attributes.  The same goes for different types of home models and specific home locations.  For instance, when marketing your home, does your Realtor know to point out it is the lowest priced pool home in town?  Or, how much of a lifestyle change one can experience by deciding to live so close to town center?  These examples may appear obvious, but at Ave Realty, we are able to see the trees for the forest –  and that is what sets us apart.  It is imperative for your Real Estate Professional to flesh out the intricacies of your home in order to differentiate and attract your home to Buyers.  In a market pervasive with options, generalities are not enough.  Contact us today for an expert consultation on how we can position you for a sale.

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Marketing Your Home

A unique community requires a unique approach, and you never know who is going to buy your home or what will make that sale.

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Sold Portfolio

You want an agent with a proven track record of selling homes. This is especially true for homes like yours in your area.  Ask us for a list of our recently sold homes here in Ave Maria Town.

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What’s Your Home Worth?

Not sure if this is a good time to sell? Wonder how much you could get for your home? Let us create a comparative market analysis for your home to answer those questions and more.

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Escrow and Closing Costs

As a general rule of thumb, closing costs for sellers tend to amount to 7-8% of the sale.  Our real estate professionals can sit down with you and recommended closing agents to provide an estimate of the net proceeds of your sale.

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Same Day TransactionS

A juggling act can ensue once getting your house under contract.  Sometimes Sellers need to turn around and immediately purchase their new home, and the calendar dates need to line up so they are not caught without a home.  Generally, what we do for our Sellers in this type of situation is have them enter into a contract for their new purchase that is “contingent” upon the successful sale of their current residence.  If necessary, we can sell their house and buy their new home all in the very same day.