Discover how you can avoid costly mistakes and get the best possible price on a home in Ave Maria, Florida


Hi, I’m Christina Corona,

An Ave Maria Real Estate Expert

And Resident…

I wrote the “Ave Maria Home Buyers Guide” to make it easier for you to find the perfect home in Ave Maria and have the important information you need to make an informed decision.

Whether you’re looking to buy, build or rent a home in Ave Maria this guide will equip you with important information for avoiding costly mistakes and getting the best price on a home in Ave Maria, FL.

Let’s get started…

1. A Little Information About The Town & The Lifestyle

Ave Maria has great amenities and activities to suit every lifestyle…

Miles of jogging paths, multiple parks, tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball fields, a dog park, a gym and our very own world class water park that has everything for kids to adults.

If you like golf, we have one of the best courses around. Panther run golf course is located in Ave Maria and boasts 18 holes of championship golf.

Restaurants in town include:

        • The Rusty Putter (located at the Golf course club house)
        • Gino’s Trattoria Per Tutti (great Italian food),
        • The Bean of Ave Maria (they have the best coffee),
        • Avecados (great burritos)
        • The Pub & Grill at Ave Maria
        • The Tropical Smoothie Café
        • Publix Supermarket
        • And Oil Well Craft Beer that hosts gourmet food trucks throughout the week.

From the homes to the landscape, Ave Maria is a beautiful town with fun activities always taking place. From family fun days, BBQ cook offs, live music, trolley tours, craft shows, farmers markets and more… there’s always something happening in Ave Maria.

2. Avoiding Costly Mistakes & Getting The Best Price.

From the resale market to builder incentives, there are some great deals and perks to be had if you know where to look and what to look for.

The Resale Market:

Ave Maria is a town bustling with new construction.

At this stage of the development, people who are selling their homes are competing with the builder and new construction.

New Construction consists of a Builder’s sticker price, lot price, and “upgrades”. Upgrades include things like structural improvements such as pools, front porch elevations, or larger lanais. They also include various levels of appliances, tile, and finishes such as crown molding and tray ceilings.

Motivated sellers must price their homes competitively against the builder to sell. If you know where to look you can often get a home that has many upgrades for much less than if you were to build new.

How To Get A Great Deal On The Resale Market?

For the resale market it really comes down to using an agent who knows the town well.

As an Ave Maria Realtor and resident, I can often provide you valuable “insider information” that you’re not going to find on Zillow or from realtors who don’t know the town.

I am very connected with the people in the town and know many people who are considering selling or who will be soon putting their house on the market.
If you have an idea of the type of home you would like, I can provide you the latest information that will give you the confidence to make a truly informed decision.

In short, I know what is what in Ave Maria. I can demonstrate to you what a home should be priced at, and I can tell you which home is a good deal and why it is so and where you can get the best deal for your budget.

New Construction:

While you can find some great deals on the resale market this is not to say that new construction doesn’t have its perks.

Depending on where you want to live in Ave Maria there are some great lots to choose from.

Ave Maria has three builders in town: Pulte Homes , Lennar Homes and CC Homes. They have great home aesthetics and designs and we can tour many of the models right here in Ave Maria.

How To Avoid Costly Mistakes With New Construction…

Simply put, use an experienced real estate agent for new construction.

Here’s why…

First, it’s important to note that using a real estate agent for new construction doesn’t cost you anything. The realtor’s commission is paid by the builder. It doesn’t cost you (the buyer) one red cent.

But not only does using a realtor for new construction not cost you anything, it can save you a lot of money.

The builder’s sales associate is the builder’s agent and has the builders interest in mind. For my clients considering new construction, I have their best interest in mind and the expertise to get them the best deal possible.

And let me tell you, it is well worth it for the buyer in this case to have me as a trusted advisor and an extra set of eyes.

There are two builders in town and it’s important to be aware of the differences in the quality of homes, the differences in the warranty they provide and people’s past experience with each builder.

I have one client who initially did not use an agent when she first had her house built. Later she found out she could have bought the exact same house in a different location she found more desirable for $20,000 less. The sales associate never told her and that opportunity was missed.

I had another client buy a home to be built only to have the builder accidently build their house backwards – a mirror image, so to speak. For this mistake, the builder only wanted to compensate the buyer $1,000 for the mistake and wanted them to accept the offer by 5:00pm the next day.

This was an absolute insult and I made sure the Builder knew it. For this client, I was able to go all the way up the chain of command to get a result that was satisfactory for the buyer.

You don’t want corners to be cut or mistakes to be made when building your new home.

Most of the time it is smaller things but there’s typically always something that comes up I’m able to help my clients with.

One of my clients was promised a wall for their flex room which was not built. Well, you can be sure I was there through the building process and that the client ended up getting their wall.

I had another customer buying a pre-constructed home and I was able to obtain $20,000 off the sticker price because I knew this particular situation. $20,000! This result cannot always be achieved, but as an expert here in the town I know what to look for and what can happen.

3. An Overview Of Each Neighborhood And Price Points

Ave Maria Town has various neighborhoods and each has its own unique set of circumstances and lifestyles.

Here is a very brief summary of the neighborhoods:

Emerson Park

Emerson Park consists of single family dwellings behind the Rhodora Academy. Built by Pulte Homes, Emerson Park is one of the more affordable housing communities in Ave Maria Town – making homes there a hot commodity with hot resale value. While Emerson Park includes some two story homes, most homes are 3-4 bedrooms and 2 baths. They are concrete block, and fences are allowed. They have nice size yards and residents are responsible for their own landscaping. Some homes in Emerson are gorgeously landscaped, with all sorts of trees, shrubs and palms. Other residents simply pay a landscaper a fee each month to take care of their lawn. Price ranges from about $220,000 to roughly $300,000.

Maple Ridge/Maple Ridge Reserve/Coquina

Maple Ridge is a CC homes Development. It is located adjacent to the town center and an adjacent neighborhood, Hampton Village. Homes in Maple Ridge come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, starting around 1900 square feet under air up through 4000+. Fences are allowed and homeowners are responsible for their landscaping. Maple Ridge’s two story homes are fully concrete block. Maple Ridge Reserve and Coquina are also built by CC Homes. Maple Ridge Reserve includes larger homes on larger lots and Coquina includes smaller homes on zero lot lines.

Hampton Village and Avalon Park

Hampton Village was an original Pulte Homes Development. Landscaping is included in the Homeowner Association (“HOA”) Fees. Very charming homes very close to town center. These Homes include large water views and large alleyways.

Avalon Park is the latest Pulte Development just North of the town center, where landscaping is also included. These homes surround the Rhodora Academy school. Homes in these neighborhoods start at about $250,000 and can exceed $400,000.

Del Webb & Bellera Walk

Del Webb is a 55+ Active Adult Community. Generally, a homeowner must be at least 55 years old to obtain home ownership in this community. Not only is landscaping included, but an optional golf membership at the Panther Run Golf Club as well. Del Webb also includes a state of the art amenities center that includes a lap pool, a wading pool, a gym and event center. Del Webb has a full-time lifestyle director that plans events and activities for Del Webb residents.

The National

Built by Lennar Homes, the National consists of various single family homes and condos. Lennar is different from the other builders in that their homes already have options built in to them. The other builders offer options in addition to their basic build, but Lennar includes most options in their general product. When you visit Lennar, you are more likely going to get what you see. On the other hand, your ability to sort of make the house your own and pick specific upgrades is much more limited. The National neighborhood is also great, boasting its own golf course and amenities.

La Piazza Condominiums

The La Piazza Condominiums are luxury condos located in the town center. Every condo has a great view of the town and the oratory in the middle of town. Each condo comes with car port parking spaces. Some have garages. La Piazza offers great lifestyles, with the town center just down your stairs and at your fingertips.

What next?

Talk to me and my team to help you find Exactly What You’re Looking For…

Not to “toot” my own horn, but many of these mistakes and ways of getting the best possible price on a home in Ave Maria come down to using an expert real estate agent who knows the town, the builders and the people.

Is there a particular home or neighborhood that you are interested in? Contact me today to tell me about it. I know the trends and conditions of each neighborhood. I know which homes sold, for what, when, and which homes did not sell. I will provide you with the inside scoop, facilitating to you the pertinent intelligence and data analysis necessary for you to make an informed decision. Don’t wait! Call me today and see you at the top.

Christina Corona